Friday, September 9, 2011

For every 16 group members

Hi everyone!
sooner is better lol

I post the today's picture on here:)

And.. yes I already miss my classmates
I was happy to meet all of them (including Ed and Mary)
happy to study with you

so, so,,
I want to introduce one famous beautiful Japanese phrase.

一期一会(Ichi-go ichi-e)

This phrase originate from Japanese tea ceremony and we use this for describing the special opportunity of meeting someone.
And, '一期一会' actually means "Live every day as though it were last." but we also use as"Treasure every encounter,for it will never recur."

I think the life is '一期一会'.
We can meet many people from now on.
But, I won't forget this class.
Thanks for everything during this PS5 course.

Keeping in touch:)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feedback on the pre-sessional course

Please complete this general survey here's the link. If you have feedback you wish to send please email me and / or (course co-coordinator)

thanks and best wishes

Monday, September 5, 2011

Group 16 in Chinese restaurant

Here is Group 16 in TAIWU! We had a really good time!
Giorgia, my camera is not fantastic~. My picture is also faint...

Our very Great, very Chinese group lunch!

Here is the picture of our lovely lunch!! I really enjoyed it!! I think we should do it again!!

The picture is a bit blowry...hopefully Saki will have a better one...I trust her fantastic camera :-)

Ciao ciao!


my reflections and acting plan

Through the PS5 cources and the process of my project, I feel that I have to study English more. My all English skill is so poor to write down the academic essay and sometimes I cannot explain my idea even in writing. Besides, especially academic essay, I have use some specific skills such as signposting words, paraphrasing, references and so on. I do not have such knowledge enough. Anyway, my issue is the English knowlege itself.

What should I next to do? There is only one answer, studying. But, to be more specific, I should study more about the grammar and vocabulary. These two things are most important for writing and the most basic knowledge in English. I will study the grammar text book and read lots of jornal / essay then pick up some words that I do not know.

Be more specific, I study grammar 30 minutes every day, and read the jornal, article or books at least 30 minutes per day. I study one certain grammar (such as tense, signposting words..) during one week and get at least 70 words per week. It means that I can get at least 10 new words from the books every day. These help me to get more about the basic knowledge of English.

Anyway I have to study study study more ;(

oh, sounds like negative... but, I do not think seriously.

I am really look forward to become a "professional" of English.

Cheers everyone,

My Reflections and action plan.

My Reflections and action plan.

Here is my issue: It took me ages to actually decide what the topic of my project would have been. In fact, considering that I'm going to study political economy, but coming from a philosophical back ground, I decided to push myself choosing an economy related topic. Shame that I didn't have a clue about it!
When I started doing my research I realized that I pushed myself too far. My topic was too difficult and I didn't have the time and the competence to fulfill it. So, I found myself having to change my topic at the end of the second week. It wasn't fun. I had to do further research and I had to rebuild my outline.

In order to improve my brainstorming and research capacities, I reckon I could be more humble when choosing the subject for an essay, deciding according to what would give me less trouble and better grades. I guess that I could also get on my tutor's nerves and ask for advice (however Ed told me that courses in the master will give a reading list to chose from).

Practically tho, I think that tonight I will go on the library's website and I will apply for one of their free courses. This should help me becoming faster when doing my research by teaching me how to manage the catalogue system better. Then, when the master is going to start, I will make sure I will find out the reading list as soon as possible and I will lay out my project from the very beginning, leaving space for improvements, but hopefully not major changes.

Right, that's it guys.

Looking forward to read yours!!

Ciao ciao!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Students, teachers, leadership, and electric shocks

There's an old saying that it's either carrot or stick, when it comes to motivating other people. This kind of thinking, is very much theory X. I like to think more theory Y. Click here is you don't know what I am talking about.
Anyhow, this article caught my attention today which is about more than Milgram's famous experiments at Yale 50 years ago.