Monday, September 5, 2011

my reflections and acting plan

Through the PS5 cources and the process of my project, I feel that I have to study English more. My all English skill is so poor to write down the academic essay and sometimes I cannot explain my idea even in writing. Besides, especially academic essay, I have use some specific skills such as signposting words, paraphrasing, references and so on. I do not have such knowledge enough. Anyway, my issue is the English knowlege itself.

What should I next to do? There is only one answer, studying. But, to be more specific, I should study more about the grammar and vocabulary. These two things are most important for writing and the most basic knowledge in English. I will study the grammar text book and read lots of jornal / essay then pick up some words that I do not know.

Be more specific, I study grammar 30 minutes every day, and read the jornal, article or books at least 30 minutes per day. I study one certain grammar (such as tense, signposting words..) during one week and get at least 70 words per week. It means that I can get at least 10 new words from the books every day. These help me to get more about the basic knowledge of English.

Anyway I have to study study study more ;(

oh, sounds like negative... but, I do not think seriously.

I am really look forward to become a "professional" of English.

Cheers everyone,


  1. Mio !!!

    So i'm here because i think your post is maybe too negative. I do understand that as english is such a different language for you it might seem almost an impossible task.
    But trust me I was really surprised to see you presentation... you explain all your ideas in a very clear way even if your subject was VERY difficult. What i saw is that when you relax your language just come more naturally... so together with all this studying plan what do you think about just relaxing and give yourself some time ?? You will see like time, together with dedication can make things make easier :)

    See you tomorrow,


  2. thank you Tomas
    thank you so much:)

    I have to have more confident and be relax for everything!

    I look forward to see you at the end of September.
    Tell me your London's story:)