Friday, September 9, 2011

For every 16 group members

Hi everyone!
sooner is better lol

I post the today's picture on here:)

And.. yes I already miss my classmates
I was happy to meet all of them (including Ed and Mary)
happy to study with you

so, so,,
I want to introduce one famous beautiful Japanese phrase.

一期一会(Ichi-go ichi-e)

This phrase originate from Japanese tea ceremony and we use this for describing the special opportunity of meeting someone.
And, '一期一会' actually means "Live every day as though it were last." but we also use as"Treasure every encounter,for it will never recur."

I think the life is '一期一会'.
We can meet many people from now on.
But, I won't forget this class.
Thanks for everything during this PS5 course.

Keeping in touch:)