Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's lecture

What did you think about the lecture? Did you like it? Why do you think he mentioned China so much?

Anyhow, Marc has mind-mapped, again, and I hope he doesn't mind me sharing here.

He recognises that it isn't as detailed as the others that he produced (see below) as he didn't catch everything yesterday, though he said he enjoyed the lecture. You can suggest some changes, or additions in the comments.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Accents from all over the world!

As Ed told us, there are more conversations in English in the world between no-native speakers of the language, than between native speakers.

I'd like to share some links related with accent and show how sometimes the accent can create unvoluntarily problems with pronunciation and the ability to be understood by others.

Most of them are funny for me, i hope you enjoy them!!! :)

Feedback on my presentatoin

Hi everyone,

According to our presentation last Thursday, I would like to say that you all did a really good job! All the presentations from you really made that morning special and enjoyable. I think each of you has your own style and strengths which is very useful for us to learn from each other.
For me, to be honest, I really did a lot of research and also read so many books in order to prepare my presentation content and also to understand more about my topic. Although I practiced it many times, I still made some mistakes during my presentation that day. The first thing is that I spoke very fast. I know it's because I was nervous. But I should have controlled it better. Actually, I also forgot many things I intended to say.
Secondly, I was quite disappointed with me dealing with the questions at the end of my presentation that I couldn't answer the questions properly. I couldn't express my own opinion.
I think next time I will have to spend more time preparing to deal with the questions.
Anyway, thank you for all your kind encouragement after I finished my presentation :)


Monday, August 29, 2011

My feedback on mine

I guess I was so nervous that I forgot to talk about a lot of stuff that were prepared before. And I was afraid that my poor accent and pronounciation were too bad for mates to follow. Fortunately, some pictures from my ppt saved my life, cause people seemed interested in these images of China's capital. And that made me less embarrassed.

It is urgent for me to practice more oral English and the stand-in-front-of-guys confidence.

A really long way to go. I know.

presentation feedback

Hello everyone,

we all had presentation on last Tuesday. And all of you had great jobs. I hear many different topics and ,what is more, I learned various interesting things though it.

I think I had a lot of things to improve. I was nervous when I did my presentation. And my voice may be a little tension. and I also forgot what I was going to say next. Even I practiced thousands of times before presentation.

overall ,I need your feedback~

Saturday, August 27, 2011

After my presentation


I was very surprised and impressed by everyone's presentation on Thu.
All of you had a great job, to be honest, I really enjoyed it!
I was very disappointed with myself that I couldn't manage the time limit,
even though I practiced many times... :( I must have been super nervous! (me and presentation... we never can be friends...)

Although the opportunity is gone, I'd really want to talk to you about the last point I couldn't make it, if you don't mind.

My topic was "Is aid positive or negative?" and the last point was about the negative side which was the most important part of my presentation!! I mentioned three major problems in Korean development aid- inefficient budget allocation on development projects, repetitive projects implemented by different agencies in the same beneficiary country and the lack of respectful partnership with the beneficiaries. But! I had no time to explain with detail. So, let me tell you more about these three problems and I promise it won't be long.

Do you remember that the current situation of Korean development aid can be described as 'winning the championship' or 'sharing aid'? That is because there is a massive competition among different departments of each ministry and local governments to obtain the budget on development aid. Even though the major portion of development budget is allocated to KOICA, the rest of it is still big amount of money! So, they 'share' the rest of it but, since there are many participants, the amount of allocation for each is not sufficient to complete a proper project. Moreover, they implement the EXACTLY SAME kind of projects in the EXACTLY SAME developing counties! What's the point?!?!?! It is a waste of money to implement such repetitive projects in the same place!!!! It's totally meaningless and non-sense! Another problem is the lack of respectful partnership which is frequently complained by the beneficiaries. When Korean development agencies perform their projects in developing countries, they tend to exclude the recipient country's government or people who are involved in the project. I think it is very arrogant and disrespectful attitude. Even though they've got advanced knowledge or techniques, they are not native so they definitely need cooperation from the developing country's government or local people! If they want to work separately like that, I don't see why they bother to help them.

Well, that was all I want to tell you about and I wish I could tell you this in person on that day...
Anyway, whoever read this, I do appreciate your patience.

Have a wonderful weekend, all of you!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to reference a translated book ?

Hello Everybody !!

I am posting this because i think it might be very useful for everybody. Writing my project i'm using some books from my undergraduate studies in Italian.
This link give tips on how to make reference on translated book:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi guys!

I was looking on TED website for some presentation-inspiration and I came across this video.

It has nothing to deal with we are learing, but I found it extremely inspiring and encouraging (if you are an eco-freak/treehugger like me).

I know Ed will appreciate. Education and sustaunability together? You might want to drop Gerusalem and go to Bali :-)

Ciao ciao!!!


Presentations Tomorrow!!!

Hi Nina's group
presentations tomorrow, just to say bring any slides on a usb key, or email me, if you prefer. Googledocs is another opportunity. Remember the 10,20,30 rule...
See you

Monday, August 22, 2011

Presentation of Tob and Hanna

Hello everyone!
I'd like to post my presentation and also Hanna's one

Tob's presentation

Part 1 Introduction;

Part 2 Main Body;

Hanna's presentation

Thank you!!!

Masoumeh's presentation

Presentations, Nina's group

Dear all of group 14 aka Nina's group,

If you are reading this, then good, well done.

I expected to see complete presentations but some of you only have your introductions recorded. If you have only done the first part, please extend, or continue with your recording. With this done that's step one complete.
Step two, is to please watch all the presentations below, and to leave a comment, perhaps with some useful feedback.


ps5 ppt recording(intro)

Hi, guys
This is Tae-hun.
Don't laugh but enjoy it.
In fact, I was having a hard time recording it cause I had to on the open field with many people passing by.
Looking back, it was kind of embarrassing, though.

I've got my file uploaded on the and I gonna leave a link so that i can share with you.
Okay, here you go.

These days in Manchester

When I was  delving into my momory, I found out that, this city was not that strange than I freshly came here. Though it just has been two weeks, maybe it is enough for me to appreciate the unveiled  beauty of Manchester: fabulous designs of the architecture, refreshing lawn with birds jogging on it, cyclists swiftly passing by, and clusters of cloud drifting away in the azure sky. This is just exactly what I have expected, as the movie Pride and Prejudice depicted. Everything has its place and lives in harmony.  Regularly, I savor these moments by taking a deep breath, and caress the view with my eyes. Just wonderful.

The first several days' memories are limited, for I had been suffering the jet lag. Surely, it was annoying to hit the hay at 7PM passively, and unconsciously woke up at 2AM in the midnight. But anyway, life here was colorful. Of course, solitute did not belong to me, even though I thought I would be lonely when I settle down temporarily. With so many Chinese pals around here, we shared a kitchen and cooked together, like an extended family. LOL. Besides, British guys are amicable and friendly,  they showed me the way when I lost myself in city centre.

Pre-sessional course was fasinating, for I am so lucky to have so many lovely mates and, of course, Ed and Mary, who really helped me a lot. In this global village, it is YUANFEN to bring us together. Undoubtly, we all  need to treasure it. Just enjoy it! BTW, I felt reluctant to do more practise in extra-curricular time, maybe that is why I am so weak at reading and listening. I will fix this problem and catch up with others. The clock is ticking. ..

Manchester is beautiful, which I believe so. Just I can not squeeze any time from my over-loaded schedules to check this out. Maybe, when something important is settled, I will wear my Ray's sunglass and dash onto the street for a spin!

Yang Yansong

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The summary about critical thinking

Celeblity Advertising: reasonable or unreasonable question?

The professor Isabela lectu-Fairclough mentions the critical thinking with the example of the familiar situation such as advertising. She states why the critical thinking is important for us in her lecture, 'Celeblity Advertising'.

First of all, she defines an argument as a set of statements with the conclusion and premises. The premises include true, sufficient and relevant points. According to her, advertisements sometimes tend to disguise strong arguments. She gives an example of food products such as Sainsbury's wholegrain; there are lots of advantages to buy it on the surface, however, it avoids describing disadvantages like including high in sugar. In short, this mentions that you should not accept advertisements without question.

Next, she argues that the celeblity endorsement is very convincing, as if the celebrity has an authority. The disadvantage for firms is a conventional celebrity endorsement is risky, because if he or she is involved in a scandal, the firms cannot use him or her as an endorser. In fact, a company which used Tiger Woods as an endorser was compelled to change arguments because of his scandal. As a result, it has changed to use animal mascots which are a much safer option than human beings.

In conclusion, the reason why we should think critically is what we come to believe and do has consequences of being persuaded through argument. There is more to most things than meets the eye, thus it is essential for us to see carefully and take a skeptical view.


my reflection on the new life in manchester

Dear all,

It has been two weeks since I first set my foot on the land of city Manchester. New life, new environment, new studying, new friends....everything is new for me here. I feels so excited about and a little bit afraid of coming challengings in Manchester. Life is too different from my imagination. I will try my best to deal with all things.

Manchester is a big city,I always confused about roads here. Last week, when I was going to have a look at a house which I may rent, I nearly lost my ways. I could recognize which stop I should get off the bus because all houses looked the same. Fortunately, local people are very kind and warm hearted, I got useful guides from them. Thanks to those people. During looking for houses, I found life is really not easy that I have to face all things by myself. Not only to study, but also to handle everything about life, such as cooking meals. In the last two weeks, I learned a lot, both from life and studying.

I feels so luck to meet you guys here. You make my life easier and colourful. Nice teachers, kind friends, thanks to you all.

Wish everyone a wonderful life!

Wang Zhenni

jinfeng 's presentation


Long's presentaion

Marco's presentation

This is a proof of my presentation. Needs feedback

If you have any suggestions:

FANG HE presentation

My reflection on the life in Manchester

Hi everyone!

How time flies! It has been two weeks since I first came here in Manchester. Recentry, I became inured to the cold whether of Manchester little by little. But I need the sunshine like in Japan! Life in Manchester is very different from my expectation in terms of whether. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes because some British people wore a muffler or coat in summer. I know that whether in Britain is quite unsettled, but it's like winter whether despite still the middle of August.

I like Manchester. This lively city always stimulates my curious. Of course, I sometimes miss my family, especially when I feel depressed. As Zijie said, then I realized for the first time how my family played an important role in my life. I had taken it for granted that my paprents would help me when I have a problem. But it's so far from here to my hometown. I think that it's really nice opportunity to independent from my parents.

Now, I'm faced with lots of harsh realities about English. As I'm poor at speaking and listening,
the presentation is so hard for me. I am driven by a sense of regret. I should study harder when I stayed in Japan. At the same time, I feel I'm an insignificant blip in the abroad. I realized what a wide world since I met wonderful classmates. In addition, I'm so lucky to meet wonderful teachers, Edward and Mary! They help me to improve Academic skills. It's tough work for me to keep up with PS5 course, but there are kind classmates. You always encourage me to make efforts. When I read your essay, I noticed that I have to be more active to improve English skill. I will make a lot of mistakes, but then please help me correct them. My English skill still needs polishing, but I'm going to add devotion to devotion.

Wish you hapiness and wonderful life in Manchester!



My reflection on the 1st two weeks in Manchester

Dear all:

It’s quite difficult to put my reflections over the past two weeks into an article, but I think it’s harder for me to organize those feelings in my mind. Frankly speaking, the first impression of Manchester City and college life in the UK was not as brilliant as I expected when I prepared my postgraduate application in Taiwan. In fact, it’s took me quite a while to figure out the following two reasons.

To begin with, I think I had over-estimated my command of English both in speaking and listening comprehension, so I was frustrated from time to time after the PS5 courses began and I found myself being unable to follow the quick speed of Edward’s voice. Furthermore, I felt down during several conversations with native speakers when the words failed to successfully come out my mouth though they did form a sentence in my brain.

Secondly, I’m really sorry for unjustly blaming the weather in the UK, campus scenery, too many Chinese students for the result of my not adapting to a new exotic environment. As a matter of fact, the main topic I should have taken in consideration is how to carry on a regular and confident daily life as I did in my country. Consequently, I’ve made up my mind to prepare my food and meals on my own considering the budget and health. I also do my best to maintain a habit on daily basis of going to gyms, contacting friends and family, watching English dramas before bed, as well as reading news both from Taiwan and the UK and keeping a diary in an early morning. As it turns out that I become more confident and optimistic when I begin to set up plans for my time arrangement, social activities and academic courses as well.

In conclusion, I’m definitely appreciated for the chance to be enrolled in this competitive group with excellent classmates and great tutors. I hope I can make great progress in my English improvement, as well as life in Manchester for the following year.

by Neo(Cheng-Chi Cheng)

About the reflection of the life(--this is really a tough work!)

Hello everyone,
It's soooo nice to meet you guys in Manchester.

Manchester is a totally strange city to me, at the first time I know you guys, it's really lucky for me. I feel curious about everything, why the cars drive on the left?why the British people always eat potatoes? I know I'm definitely in the "honeymoon"~ There are a lot of exciting things waiting us to do, traveling, going to the museum, watching a film, go to watch a football match, having a picnic on the countryside, reading a long novel in the library, and maybe going shopping with friends,etc. Now every little and common thing happens in Manchester seems to be in the light of romance to me.

English is my major in the China. I never believe it's my good friend because it always challenges me and sets me a lot of troubles on speaking and listening. However, I like literatures--the novels, the journals and sometimes the poems. Though I flatter it, it doesn't love me at all. So when I can't give an opinion when we discuss a topic, I reeeally feel disappoint about myself.

Though I can't make good friend with "English", I still make a lot of friends. The roads we walked and the roads we are going to walk are all excited to me. In this period, life in Manchester is busy,but thanks to you, making everyday in this city is full of happiness.

I'm suffering about my first draft now, but I still spend a wonderful day with you in Chatsworth~

Happy weekend!!!(though we have the first draft~)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

summary about critical thinking

I believe critical thinking is of high importance in our study, especially for doing research.

Critical thinking is, in my view, a kind of habit to think under the surface, when you have collected some information; you need to select, to choose and to decide which one is right, which one is suitable, and what improvements you can do to enrich them and to make them better.

To obtain critical thinking ability, you need to do the following aspects,
Firstly, know exactly the questions you are researching for.
Secondly, try to collect as much information as possible.
Thirdly, point out your explanations according to those theories.
Fifthly, make hypothesis and analysis them.
Lastly, do not make too easy conclusions and think more deeply.

Hu Zelan

My reflections on Manchester life and studying in UK

Hello everyone :)

I'd like to write about my English history and my reflections of Manchester life.

When I was 12-year-old, it was the first time that I met other language. That is the English. It is completely different from my mother tongue Japanese, for example the character itself (alphabets / hiragana, katakana), grammar and pronunciation. Of course, it's kind of "compulsory" study in Japan (everyone have to study English when they enter the junior-high school) , but I was enjoyed to know about a strange language.

English gives me a challenge. I love talking with people, I love English itself. So, I have gradually interested in studying abroad. 'Cause I think that I will be able to talk with many people who come from various countries and improve my English skill if I go abroad. It is a challenge, big big challenge for me.I had to study English harder than before and patiently contact Manchester many times.But, these are also the food for the mind. I learned so many things from these study and experiences, and I could prepare for this PS5 course.

But..but I have to say I must study more than I had stayed in Japan. Maybe, I do not have "honeymoon" period. I'm always doing my best to keep up with classes, and always learning lots of new things from the class. This PS5 is very useful for me. Also, all classes are very very lovely. Those are different from Japanese (one-way) style class, then I can get lots of opinion from my great classmates. You (classmates) always motivate me. Of course, teachers, Edward and Mary, are great! and they give us opportunity to improve our academic skills. these are very useful,right?

Personally I have to be aggressive in the class. If you realize my English mistake (especially in speaking), please tell me.. :) (←maybe this phrase is a sort of Japanese habit.. ) But, actually, it might be very useful for Manchester life in the future.

Anyway, I hope other 3weeks will be also wonderful days.



Friday, August 19, 2011

Presentation for Introduction

Yulong Huang
Please listen to the second part of this comment.

I am weak on that and will practice more.Don't laugh at me please~

PS: I'm weak on oral speaking.if you have some interst in speak English with somebody,then let's talk in English.You could get contact with me through the following emai:
Looking forward to your post and email.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learn to be cherish in Manchester

Learn to be cherish in Manchester

It has been 13 days since I first come to Manchester. In spite of the amazing things for me here, for example, the beautiful buildings, the colorful library and the interesting language course, the feelings impress me most deeply is about the love.

The last day I stayed in China was a traditional Chinese Festival, Chinese Valentines’ Day. It is now a important celebrations in China and I just missed it this time. But I am not going to speak about the love between the valentines. The love I mentioned at the first paragraph is the love I feel from my parents, especially my mom.

Yes, I am in the honeymoon now in Britain. I feel like everything is interesting here, and travel around the Britain every weekend with friends. But I sometimes miss my mom at night.

This is not the first time I left her. I went to the RenMin University in China in Beijing at 2009 alone. I had a happy and busy university life and even forgot to miss my home and my parents. Then, I come to Manchester, with a space as well as the time distance with them, and now, I seem to be grown up suddenly. There is not a exciting feelings because of the leaving from home at all. Yesterday, at the 3pm ( Beijing time ), I receive a message from my mom which said that, babe, are you sleeping now? I miss you so much. I almost cry when I saw that message. I firstly realize she plays what an important role in my life.

In the book named three days to see which was written by Helen keller, it is said that, only the deaf appreciate hearing and only the blind know the important of sight. Yes, I will always appreciate it to have the chance to the university of Manchester. Not only about study, but also the life here which tell me to be cherish.

Miggy, zijie wei.

May all of you a good weekend~

Reflecions on my life in Manchester so far

Hello everyone,

When I was asked to do some reflections on my life here in Manchester, I was a little bit reluctant because I don't know what I should say about it. I seem not that excited about the new environment and not that homesick either. When Siyu talked about the cultural shock today, I tried to put myself into that four phases, but none of them fitted. (WEIRD)

I think indeed the food is a big problem here in Manchester. Although sometimes I complained about it, it is still a good idea to know what is the real English food. I think that I should at least know how to order the food in a local restaurant, so I just encourage myself to eat out, having those food that local people have. Food is a big part of culture. I just tell myself, after I try out different varieties of food, I'll find something I like. But one thing I am pretty sure is if I do that, my weight will go all the way up quickly.

I mentioned in the beginning that I am not quite emotional about where I am now. However, I do have some expectations to myself before I came here. I took a gap year since I graduated last June, during which, I did an internship in TV, and worked for several months in a newspaper. I always wanted to go back to school life during those working days and keep thinking that students' life is much easier and happier. During the year, because of the work, I saw a lot of problems in society, thought deeper and made clearer opinion about my own country. Sometimes, thinking about the serious problems are too heavy, so I do expect my life here in the following year could be relaxed, get the balance with study and life, and at least more relaxed than working times. I'll just do my best to enjoy the slow-tempo here.

I also have the expectations to my language. But just cutting away with my Chinese friends is not a smart choice. What I believe is that if you are willing to make friends, as time goes by, your English wouldn't be bad. So what we need to do just open our hearts and don't stay in silence, try to express even if you are not sure, because others will help you correct it.

OK, it's time to talk about the course itself. PS5 class is really a good choice for me since it not only improves my English, and also helps me to get used to the school life again, get involved in the academic environment. I just think the course is really useful in many aspects, especially on how to do academic researches, to finish the academic paper and presentations. These are the objects we should achieve at the end of the course. Except for the serious part, I do enjoy the teaching style of the two tutors--Edward and Mary, and love their classes. Like the "similies" game we had this afternoon, it was enjoyable, and I was thinking at that time, why our teacher Edward could come up with this funny idea? Of course I will never know it, but I think that's why you can be a teacher but I can't.

I hope as I spending more and more time here, I will dig much more about here, feel it more and love it here.


p.s. I think what Giorgia suggested about the bar, maybe we should try it out sometimes with the group!

My reflections: Ps5 course and life in Manchester.

Ciao a tutti! Hi everyone!

Here I am trying to write something intelligent, but not too boring. Hard task.

Well, as you all know (at least I think you do), I have been visting England for 3 years now, specially revolving around Manchester for one.
For this reason, I'm afraid I must have overcome the honeymoon period already(Thanks Zijiew!).

So, honeymooners, listen up! Here is a message from the next fase of the culture shock: life in Manchester is not so bad!
I know, the food is not the best, specially around the campus, but I can garantee that Manchester features some very impressive restaurants all around the city centre and, most importantly, this city caters shops for everyone, so you'll certainly find the ingredients you need to cook your favourite dishes by youself.

Another very good side of Manchester is the nightlife. This city is bustling with bars and clubs and also has great live music venues, concert arenas and theaters.
Here is a website about nightlife you might find interesting:

However, forget it, you'll never ever get used to the weather: it's totally wild all year round.

But lets move on to my reflecions on our beloved course.
Reality is that I couldn't complain about any part of it it even if I tried. I am very impressed by the way it is organized and by the theaching strategy behind it, which allows us to improve our English skills whilst preparing us to become good students at the university of Manchester.

I also think we have been very lucky both for having our beautiful, even if freezing, room and for having Edward and Mary as our teachers. I don't think we could have done better than that!

There is just one thing I wish to say before concluding.
Dear classmates, don't be afraid to be more active during our lessons. I feel that some of you are still very shy and reluctant about sharing their thoughts and opinions in classes. I really believe that you're going to become more confident about your English as time goes by, but I think that the best way to make this happen is to partecipate actively and practice as much as possible. So, just give it a go and don't be afraid to make mistakes or stupid questions, at the end of the day we are all here to learn!

Right, I think I said enough, you must be bored now.
I just really wish we will all have a fantastic month ahead of us and, of course, a great year in Manchester!

Lots of love to you all!


P.s: I really think we should organize an intercultural cooking competition guys! The country which cooks the best food wins the title of: "The country with the best food in the world". What do you think?

My reflections as a foreign student at the UK

A week is not much but I think it was already enough for me to have an idea of what is going to be this year in Manchester. I'm very happy to see that the university is as good, if not better, as I was expecting. What I'm really enjoying about the course is that it is not grammar or  theory, it is actually an amazing way to learn how to deal with the language. By that i mean that instead of focusing on the grammatical aspects i like that we are focusing in a more practical side of english way of speaking, and therefore in a deeper sense of organizing our thought. I'm quite sure that this will be of enormous help on your future studies. 

First of all, on my personal feelings... I think that the presentation we had today about the cultural shock was VERY nice and help a lot with the understanding of everything we are living now. Sure everybody is still on the “honey moon”phase of that process and therefore we should enjoy this nice phase to keep speaking with different people and to prepare ourselves for the next, maybe not so pleasant, phase where we realize that the honey moon is over and that we start living some tough situation.
Secondly I'm happy to see that i'm having opportunities to speak english with native speakers and therefore really challenge my speak and listening. So far I've been happy enough with the second but, as it was with the other foreign languages i had learned, speaking for me is quite a difficult skill.Accent and phonetics are really a big challenge. However I think this is the skill that requires more time to get to a high level.
But even for the writing.... 30 minutes is not a long time Ed !!! I'm trying to do this text in 30 minutes so that i start to get used to think in English and not thinking in Portuguese ( or sometimes italian :) ) but as you can see i'm not able to write and then review very carefully in 30 minutes. What do you guys think ? Should we try to concentrate on writing a “gramaticaly perfect english” and therefore take a LOOOONNNNG time to write a small text like this one or should we just see how does it come and make only a quick review ?

Cheers to everybody

ps. actually writing this took me a bit more then 30 minutes ;)

Konnichiwa everybody !!! ( That all about my japonese :)

Following our lesson with Mary I've watched this nice internviw about the royal wedding. Even tough it is not an very much academic issue i think the video is nice and can help us with both an better understand of the issue and practice listening.

See you tomorrow 


Manchester Live Music

Hey guys,

If you like live music, Manchester Academy has great concerts to offer. You can enjoy different groups and music styles at very reasonable prices and almost every day. If you are interested you can get the music program at the Student Union Building (Oxford Road m13 9PR, in front of the international students association house). You can buy the tickets online:

I think this is a good way to get involved with Manchester Culture and improve our english skills.

See you tomorrow.

record your presentation tools

These are links to the two recording tools I showed in class: is easy to use and allows you to embed audio, via a link.
If you are having major problems, don't push on, but practice, and ask for feedback from soneone :)

Remember to practice, that you can pause the recording, and to try and have fun with it. Post the results of the first draft up here.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Group 16 Editing Task

Before and after

I hope this presented an opportunity for focus on some aspects of language that are emergent in your minds. Do you think once a week is adequate for this specific kind of language correction?

As I mentioned the above task is focused on 'target-like' accuracy. However, if we listen to many educated speakers of English we still hear all kinds of mistakes. I think the 'target' is a moving and changing one :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ciao belli!!

Hi there! Still figuring out how this thing works...
If I manage to post this right you should be able to see what I think it should be our next lesson's topic! Just click on the link!

P.S: Ed please take note!

Ciao ciao!!

Hi I am Ed. I am a teacher on the pre-sessional course with the ULC. I hope you enjoy sharing and using this space. Use it for anything linked to the course. Remember to check back as a reader, as well. Your audience is not only me.

I am hoping that you all enjoy the experience. It is a rare opportunity to be given such an introduction t0 a country or institution. I wish you a happy, and productive time.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Notes from our "how best to participate in large lectures & discussions" presentations

Your tips for best practice


  • have a coffee

  • google (SCHOLAR)the lecturer, or the topic

  • check you have paper, pen

  • do some pre-reading on the theme before

  • have some questions you want answered

  • predict what you think will come up and how this will be structured

  • prepare linguistically (e.g.: look up key words / terms in abstract)


  • Be selective with your attention (can't focus all the time) - follow your interests

  • check your predictions / listen for answers to your questions

  • have emapthy with the speaker, or 'characters' conditions

  • Make clear (bilingual) notes

  • Use bullet points and numbers

  • use shorthand "w/", "w/o", "e.g." "etc"

  • Note Key words (verbs and nouns)

  • Use visuals, a picture says a thousand words

Post Lecture

  • Use colours / emphasis to make your notes more interesting

  • Write up / rewrite your notes

  • Organise your notes by topic / course / chronology


Hi this is a test
Use this space for sharing work and your thoughts on our course.