Monday, August 22, 2011

ps5 ppt recording(intro)

Hi, guys
This is Tae-hun.
Don't laugh but enjoy it.
In fact, I was having a hard time recording it cause I had to on the open field with many people passing by.
Looking back, it was kind of embarrassing, though.

I've got my file uploaded on the and I gonna leave a link so that i can share with you.
Okay, here you go.


  1. nice, but a bit disappointed to see it;s only the introduction....if u get the chance, perhaps you can record the rest tonight?

  2. I like your voice that sounds lively and active. You have really good fluency. Anyway, it would be great if you can have little more pauses so that I can follow your points easier lol ^^


  3. I agree with Tob,next time try to talk more slowly.

  4. Could you please slow down a bit? I know you were embarrased when you were recording your presentation outside! lol! But, there is no doubt that you've worked hard! easy to follow and very clear!!! looking forward to listening to yours on Thu.


  5. You have a nice introduction.And your voice is full of passion.But it is a little fast for me to follow.I am ecpecting to listen to your whole presentation.

  6. Tae Hum, you have a great accent which is like some IELTS listening tests. Try slowing down a little next time.

  7. hieeeeee
    slow down man ....hahaha
    it was great but u speak very fast thats why its hard to fallow
    i like ur voice
    good luck for thursday