Saturday, August 20, 2011

My reflections on Manchester life and studying in UK

Hello everyone :)

I'd like to write about my English history and my reflections of Manchester life.

When I was 12-year-old, it was the first time that I met other language. That is the English. It is completely different from my mother tongue Japanese, for example the character itself (alphabets / hiragana, katakana), grammar and pronunciation. Of course, it's kind of "compulsory" study in Japan (everyone have to study English when they enter the junior-high school) , but I was enjoyed to know about a strange language.

English gives me a challenge. I love talking with people, I love English itself. So, I have gradually interested in studying abroad. 'Cause I think that I will be able to talk with many people who come from various countries and improve my English skill if I go abroad. It is a challenge, big big challenge for me.I had to study English harder than before and patiently contact Manchester many times.But, these are also the food for the mind. I learned so many things from these study and experiences, and I could prepare for this PS5 course.

But..but I have to say I must study more than I had stayed in Japan. Maybe, I do not have "honeymoon" period. I'm always doing my best to keep up with classes, and always learning lots of new things from the class. This PS5 is very useful for me. Also, all classes are very very lovely. Those are different from Japanese (one-way) style class, then I can get lots of opinion from my great classmates. You (classmates) always motivate me. Of course, teachers, Edward and Mary, are great! and they give us opportunity to improve our academic skills. these are very useful,right?

Personally I have to be aggressive in the class. If you realize my English mistake (especially in speaking), please tell me.. :) (←maybe this phrase is a sort of Japanese habit.. ) But, actually, it might be very useful for Manchester life in the future.

Anyway, I hope other 3weeks will be also wonderful days.




  1. Great Mio! I'm very happy to hear that we(classmates) motivate you. That is exactly like it should be!

  2. wow! i can sympathize with you;)
    I promise there is nothing for you to fear!