Friday, August 19, 2011

Presentation for Introduction

Yulong Huang
Please listen to the second part of this comment.

I am weak on that and will practice more.Don't laugh at me please~

PS: I'm weak on oral speaking.if you have some interst in speak English with somebody,then let's talk in English.You could get contact with me through the following emai:
Looking forward to your post and email.


  1. Hi Mark
    this is locked. You need to check the box so we can all see it :) Under the share settings (3) make sure you tick / untick share.

  2. Your topic is intersting and you've done a good job in presenting your topic in your introduction. You stress your key words. You speak clearly and slowly so that the audience can catch your point. I also like the way you engage the audience and I like your jokes. Moreover, obviously, you know a lot about your topic and you've gathered information so well. Anyway, I'm sure that next time in your real presentation, you will manage the time for each part better. I would love to hear your presentation so soon :)

  3. your have done a good job.your presentation is esay to follow.I think it would be better if you speak faster next time.great job.

  4. Just like what Eds said today, you are gonna make it the day after tomorrow. Your English is great and your sense of humor catches me absolutely.