Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shakti's presentation


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  1. Hi Shakti

    it's great to hear about your personal reasons for exploring this topic, your background and passion.

    Integrated, decade, mis...(1.30ish)all need care when you pronounce them :) Overall your voice is fine

    I think you need to focus on the how, the why, the examples, or the evolution of these terms. Trying to do too much can end up leaving a watery taste. I am sure you can focus on the how, the why, or some examples, rather than all. Focus, focus, focus, do you think it is too broad? I think you are dealing with a complex issue, with people outside your academic / vocational field, so perhaps need to talk at a level we can better understand (or maybe it is just me who is simple :O)

    Like Edison, I think you need a clearer outline, as I have said, this and signposting language really help the audience, and the speaker. I would also consider trimming your content/narrowing focus.

    Hope this helps for Thursday.