Monday, August 22, 2011

These days in Manchester

When I was  delving into my momory, I found out that, this city was not that strange than I freshly came here. Though it just has been two weeks, maybe it is enough for me to appreciate the unveiled  beauty of Manchester: fabulous designs of the architecture, refreshing lawn with birds jogging on it, cyclists swiftly passing by, and clusters of cloud drifting away in the azure sky. This is just exactly what I have expected, as the movie Pride and Prejudice depicted. Everything has its place and lives in harmony.  Regularly, I savor these moments by taking a deep breath, and caress the view with my eyes. Just wonderful.

The first several days' memories are limited, for I had been suffering the jet lag. Surely, it was annoying to hit the hay at 7PM passively, and unconsciously woke up at 2AM in the midnight. But anyway, life here was colorful. Of course, solitute did not belong to me, even though I thought I would be lonely when I settle down temporarily. With so many Chinese pals around here, we shared a kitchen and cooked together, like an extended family. LOL. Besides, British guys are amicable and friendly,  they showed me the way when I lost myself in city centre.

Pre-sessional course was fasinating, for I am so lucky to have so many lovely mates and, of course, Ed and Mary, who really helped me a lot. In this global village, it is YUANFEN to bring us together. Undoubtly, we all  need to treasure it. Just enjoy it! BTW, I felt reluctant to do more practise in extra-curricular time, maybe that is why I am so weak at reading and listening. I will fix this problem and catch up with others. The clock is ticking. ..

Manchester is beautiful, which I believe so. Just I can not squeeze any time from my over-loaded schedules to check this out. Maybe, when something important is settled, I will wear my Ray's sunglass and dash onto the street for a spin!

Yang Yansong


  1. wow~~~I like your parallelism in the first paragrah.

  2. wow~~~I like your metaphor in first paragraph

  3. wow - u can not come to class and be here!!! jogging birds? hopping?

  4. wow- what wonderful phrases in the first paragraph

  5. wow~~~you are a poet, i see!

  6. Wow~people..Thank you all, I didn't anticipate that my essay would grab so much attention. BTW, where is everybody this morning, you guys must have lots of fun in the bar, LOL