Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learn to be cherish in Manchester

Learn to be cherish in Manchester

It has been 13 days since I first come to Manchester. In spite of the amazing things for me here, for example, the beautiful buildings, the colorful library and the interesting language course, the feelings impress me most deeply is about the love.

The last day I stayed in China was a traditional Chinese Festival, Chinese Valentines’ Day. It is now a important celebrations in China and I just missed it this time. But I am not going to speak about the love between the valentines. The love I mentioned at the first paragraph is the love I feel from my parents, especially my mom.

Yes, I am in the honeymoon now in Britain. I feel like everything is interesting here, and travel around the Britain every weekend with friends. But I sometimes miss my mom at night.

This is not the first time I left her. I went to the RenMin University in China in Beijing at 2009 alone. I had a happy and busy university life and even forgot to miss my home and my parents. Then, I come to Manchester, with a space as well as the time distance with them, and now, I seem to be grown up suddenly. There is not a exciting feelings because of the leaving from home at all. Yesterday, at the 3pm ( Beijing time ), I receive a message from my mom which said that, babe, are you sleeping now? I miss you so much. I almost cry when I saw that message. I firstly realize she plays what an important role in my life.

In the book named three days to see which was written by Helen keller, it is said that, only the deaf appreciate hearing and only the blind know the important of sight. Yes, I will always appreciate it to have the chance to the university of Manchester. Not only about study, but also the life here which tell me to be cherish.

Miggy, zijie wei.

May all of you a good weekend~

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