Monday, August 22, 2011

Presentation of Tob and Hanna

Hello everyone!
I'd like to post my presentation and also Hanna's one

Tob's presentation

Part 1 Introduction;

Part 2 Main Body;

Hanna's presentation

Thank you!!!


  1. To Hanna,
    You speak very clearly. It is easy for me to follow and think about each point that you are saying! I think you've done a good job :)


  2. To Tob,

    Actually, I've learnt what I have to do more for my presentation after listening to yours. It's really clear and well organised. You've done a GREAT job, too!!!


  3. to Hanna and Tob,
    I think you are both speaking fluently,and easy to follow,you have done good job.

  4. Dear Tob
    I've just listened to your ppt.
    It was very smoothing, comfortable, and easy to follow with. I feel like I was in a meeting room of the perfect business environment of Toyota Inc.
    You've done a great job.
    I would like to give a pat on your back.
    I'm sure you'll make a great HR manager.

  5. To Tob and Hanna
    Hi!I believe that both of you have done great jobs! You presentations are easy to follow and the structures are clear to me. That's very good!

  6. Dear Hanna
    Many thanks for sharign your ppt with us.
    I guess it is well organizsed, especially with the contents being clear.
    And your use of language was appropriate.
    Easy to follow with and makes me eager to hear what 'BAD AID' is all about.
    Well done, lovely!

  7. Tob, why did your mainbody recording end all of a sudden...
    I enjoyed the listening. The referrence made to Bill Gates and Toyota former president impressed me a lot.

  8. Hanna's recording ends at 5:00min too!
    But what I've heard is great.The specific datas are convincing.

  9. hie
    great presentation
    ur introduction was great
    you speak very well
    pronounciations are underestandable
    in term of time management u have done great job
    hope u do very well on thursday
    good luck

  10. To Tob and Hanna,
    Your presentations are really clear and well organised.Well done!

  11. Hi Hanna. Impressed, though using a different source than wikipedia, would strengthen your case. Your voice is clear, good pace, audibility etc. It's great that you tell us about the 5 sections in the start. Your hook is humorous, band aid etc...
    You talk about the good and bad side of aid as being your key topic in the introduction, how do your 5 sections develop your argument. I guess your 'meat' is the good and bad sides of aid, make sure you have most time for this. 8-10mins, including questions.