Sunday, August 14, 2011

Notes from our "how best to participate in large lectures & discussions" presentations

Your tips for best practice


  • have a coffee

  • google (SCHOLAR)the lecturer, or the topic

  • check you have paper, pen

  • do some pre-reading on the theme before

  • have some questions you want answered

  • predict what you think will come up and how this will be structured

  • prepare linguistically (e.g.: look up key words / terms in abstract)


  • Be selective with your attention (can't focus all the time) - follow your interests

  • check your predictions / listen for answers to your questions

  • have emapthy with the speaker, or 'characters' conditions

  • Make clear (bilingual) notes

  • Use bullet points and numbers

  • use shorthand "w/", "w/o", "e.g." "etc"

  • Note Key words (verbs and nouns)

  • Use visuals, a picture says a thousand words

Post Lecture

  • Use colours / emphasis to make your notes more interesting

  • Write up / rewrite your notes

  • Organise your notes by topic / course / chronology

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