Sunday, August 21, 2011

my reflection on the new life in manchester

Dear all,

It has been two weeks since I first set my foot on the land of city Manchester. New life, new environment, new studying, new friends....everything is new for me here. I feels so excited about and a little bit afraid of coming challengings in Manchester. Life is too different from my imagination. I will try my best to deal with all things.

Manchester is a big city,I always confused about roads here. Last week, when I was going to have a look at a house which I may rent, I nearly lost my ways. I could recognize which stop I should get off the bus because all houses looked the same. Fortunately, local people are very kind and warm hearted, I got useful guides from them. Thanks to those people. During looking for houses, I found life is really not easy that I have to face all things by myself. Not only to study, but also to handle everything about life, such as cooking meals. In the last two weeks, I learned a lot, both from life and studying.

I feels so luck to meet you guys here. You make my life easier and colourful. Nice teachers, kind friends, thanks to you all.

Wish everyone a wonderful life!

Wang Zhenni

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