Sunday, August 21, 2011

About the reflection of the life(--this is really a tough work!)

Hello everyone,
It's soooo nice to meet you guys in Manchester.

Manchester is a totally strange city to me, at the first time I know you guys, it's really lucky for me. I feel curious about everything, why the cars drive on the left?why the British people always eat potatoes? I know I'm definitely in the "honeymoon"~ There are a lot of exciting things waiting us to do, traveling, going to the museum, watching a film, go to watch a football match, having a picnic on the countryside, reading a long novel in the library, and maybe going shopping with friends,etc. Now every little and common thing happens in Manchester seems to be in the light of romance to me.

English is my major in the China. I never believe it's my good friend because it always challenges me and sets me a lot of troubles on speaking and listening. However, I like literatures--the novels, the journals and sometimes the poems. Though I flatter it, it doesn't love me at all. So when I can't give an opinion when we discuss a topic, I reeeally feel disappoint about myself.

Though I can't make good friend with "English", I still make a lot of friends. The roads we walked and the roads we are going to walk are all excited to me. In this period, life in Manchester is busy,but thanks to you, making everyday in this city is full of happiness.

I'm suffering about my first draft now, but I still spend a wonderful day with you in Chatsworth~

Happy weekend!!!(though we have the first draft~)


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  1. 1. I am pleased you had a good time at Chatsworth
    2. If you need a bit of extra time with your first draft then an extra 3 hours is okay with me.
    3. I love the metaphor of English as the object of unrequited love, and how you are seeing life through rose-tinted spectacles.