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Monday, August 22, 2011

Masoumeh's presentation


  1. I think you have use the language effectively,and your speaking is wonderful.I am very interesting in your topic.

  2. Masy, you have done a great job in gathering information. You understand very well about your materials and your topics. You can also explain them very well.
    You speak in an appropriate speed and you have good tonation. I really like the way you stress and emphasis words while you're talking. It sounds very fluent and natural.
    Anyway, it would be even better if next time you can give the audience a clearer sequence of your presentation. I mean, in the introduction, if you can introduce yourself first and then explain the outline using more signpost words.

  3. Masy, you presentation is very fluent and you even don't look at the draft. That's amazing! And I think you are brave. The topic attracts me a lot. It will be much better next time if you could use a microphone, sometimes I get lost because I fail to hear clearly.

  4. A bunch of thanks for your lovely ppt.
    It is so soothing that I could hear your ppt like a story-telling.
    I like your attitude and your way of making the ppt that could be considered too technical more interactive and paticipatory.
    Well done! But it will be great if you try next time your ppt in a bit more blight place.
    It was too bad I coudn't see your face¬

  5. Your voice is passionate and Your presentation is lively. I am attracted all the time.

  6. Audibly and clear voice. Next time speak a bit slowly, and that'll be excellent

  7. I think that in your presentation is missing an introduction of what you are going to tell us to follow easily your points.
    The passion of the voice,the clarity and audibility are great.

  8. yes, like the above, I am keen to see the slides that go with this. I like your use of images, the mother in law, frogs, turtles, and so :) good analogies, and use of humor. You passion is clear, though slightly slower might be beneficial for thursday.

  9. thank you every body it was great