Thursday, August 18, 2011

My reflections: Ps5 course and life in Manchester.

Ciao a tutti! Hi everyone!

Here I am trying to write something intelligent, but not too boring. Hard task.

Well, as you all know (at least I think you do), I have been visting England for 3 years now, specially revolving around Manchester for one.
For this reason, I'm afraid I must have overcome the honeymoon period already(Thanks Zijiew!).

So, honeymooners, listen up! Here is a message from the next fase of the culture shock: life in Manchester is not so bad!
I know, the food is not the best, specially around the campus, but I can garantee that Manchester features some very impressive restaurants all around the city centre and, most importantly, this city caters shops for everyone, so you'll certainly find the ingredients you need to cook your favourite dishes by youself.

Another very good side of Manchester is the nightlife. This city is bustling with bars and clubs and also has great live music venues, concert arenas and theaters.
Here is a website about nightlife you might find interesting:

However, forget it, you'll never ever get used to the weather: it's totally wild all year round.

But lets move on to my reflecions on our beloved course.
Reality is that I couldn't complain about any part of it it even if I tried. I am very impressed by the way it is organized and by the theaching strategy behind it, which allows us to improve our English skills whilst preparing us to become good students at the university of Manchester.

I also think we have been very lucky both for having our beautiful, even if freezing, room and for having Edward and Mary as our teachers. I don't think we could have done better than that!

There is just one thing I wish to say before concluding.
Dear classmates, don't be afraid to be more active during our lessons. I feel that some of you are still very shy and reluctant about sharing their thoughts and opinions in classes. I really believe that you're going to become more confident about your English as time goes by, but I think that the best way to make this happen is to partecipate actively and practice as much as possible. So, just give it a go and don't be afraid to make mistakes or stupid questions, at the end of the day we are all here to learn!

Right, I think I said enough, you must be bored now.
I just really wish we will all have a fantastic month ahead of us and, of course, a great year in Manchester!

Lots of love to you all!


P.s: I really think we should organize an intercultural cooking competition guys! The country which cooks the best food wins the title of: "The country with the best food in the world". What do you think?

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