Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My presentation part 1



  1. It is difficult for you to finish the recording in such a short time here in this room. The microphone seems a little bit close to your mouth, and you can try make a change next time.

  2. Agree with Long :p I know your situation and I understand the difficulty when you recorded it. I'm sorry but I couldn't hear your voice properly. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing your presentation on Thusday becuase your topic is a crucial issue for humankind!!! Good luck :)

  3. the microphone makes your voice hard to hear.but I konw you have recorded your presentation and send it to Edward before.I am expecting to listen to your whole presentation on thursday.

  4. I can't agree with you more.
    Yeah, a sustainable development has always been a bone of contention we as a whole have to address.
    A big pat on your back, but your presentation will be nicer with a bit more practice.
    I will look forward to your ppt.

    Tae hun

  5. Hi Ed, there does seem to be alot of distortion on your plosive,and voiced sounds.
    Your outline seems clearer (sound wise), thinking about how you tranisition from introduction into the main part. You seem to finish your introduction and then state your purpose, which may be better off being in the main part of the recording. You can make sure that your outline, purpose and thesis are all super clear using visual support.

    I am interested to see what visuals you use to support your points.

  6. hieee
    its so funny , i can hear my own voice while laughing and the microphones sound is more than your own voice.
    good introduction
    you talk slowly,its easy to fallow
    good luck