Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to reference a translated book ?

Hello Everybody !!

I am posting this because i think it might be very useful for everybody. Writing my project i'm using some books from my undergraduate studies in Italian.
This link give tips on how to make reference on translated book:


  1. Hi Tomas
    this one is for translated books, it doesn't tell us how to deal with, for example an Italian text that you want to use in an English essay. hmmm, do I smell some cultural imperialism of the Anglo-American-Academy???

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  3. Imperialism ?!? Maybe after so many years around europe maybe i'm changing !!!

    Hum.. i had not thought about what you sa now....I'm quoting all the non english languages books just like the english books, but by the title and publisher its possible for the reader to know that the book that i'm quoting isnt english. Is that ok ???