Sunday, August 21, 2011

My reflection on the life in Manchester

Hi everyone!

How time flies! It has been two weeks since I first came here in Manchester. Recentry, I became inured to the cold whether of Manchester little by little. But I need the sunshine like in Japan! Life in Manchester is very different from my expectation in terms of whether. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes because some British people wore a muffler or coat in summer. I know that whether in Britain is quite unsettled, but it's like winter whether despite still the middle of August.

I like Manchester. This lively city always stimulates my curious. Of course, I sometimes miss my family, especially when I feel depressed. As Zijie said, then I realized for the first time how my family played an important role in my life. I had taken it for granted that my paprents would help me when I have a problem. But it's so far from here to my hometown. I think that it's really nice opportunity to independent from my parents.

Now, I'm faced with lots of harsh realities about English. As I'm poor at speaking and listening,
the presentation is so hard for me. I am driven by a sense of regret. I should study harder when I stayed in Japan. At the same time, I feel I'm an insignificant blip in the abroad. I realized what a wide world since I met wonderful classmates. In addition, I'm so lucky to meet wonderful teachers, Edward and Mary! They help me to improve Academic skills. It's tough work for me to keep up with PS5 course, but there are kind classmates. You always encourage me to make efforts. When I read your essay, I noticed that I have to be more active to improve English skill. I will make a lot of mistakes, but then please help me correct them. My English skill still needs polishing, but I'm going to add devotion to devotion.

Wish you hapiness and wonderful life in Manchester!




  1. Saky, I am sure that you must be a very hard-working student in Japan. haha

  2. Oh...thanks. But it's tough work for me unlike Japan. i wanna be like you, Miggy!

  3. i can help you anytime in japanese when you really faced on hardship