Sunday, August 21, 2011

Long's presentaion


  1. You have good introduction technique to draw attention from the audience. Your sequence is quite clear.
    You have signpost words.
    You have good tonation and emphasis the words appropriately which keeps your presentation interesting and active. Anyway, this is the only introduction, isn't it? I will look forward to hearing your whole presentation on Thursday then ^^

  2. I like the different tones of voice used because in this way you get involved the audience and also emphasize your key words.
    The comparison between Manchester and Bejing is a good example related with your topic.

  3. hi
    it was great presentyation
    good start
    fluent language
    easy to fallow
    hope u do weel on thursday
    good luck

  4. you have a intersting openning and your words and examples can draw audience's attention.And you have a clear outline to follow.

  5. It is a really interesting introduction, and the topic is attractive.
    Your voice is very clear and easy to follow.
    In addition, I agree with Marco's opinion that to campare Beijing with Manchester is a good example which relates to us.
    Good job! Hoping to hearing the next part on Thrusday!