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Sunday, August 21, 2011

FANG HE presentation


  1. You have a very clear framwork in your introduction. You use a lot of signpost words. You also involve the audience. You have your own style of speaking (it's cute,I think)Anyway, I think you can make your presentation better if next time you can speak more naturally, try to be relax and make a little more tonation and emphasis during your talk. (plus, a bit louder voice too)

  2. I think that the audience is involved in a good way, it will be better if your voice is louder and you change tone of your voice during the presentation.

  3. Feedback is coming.
    You've got cute voice in which I can hardly find any drawbacks.
    See you on Thursday

  4. A cute girl with cute voice. The introduction is very interesting and the structure is clear to me. I like it! Wish you be braver on Thursday and good luck!