Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feedback on my presentatoin

Hi everyone,

According to our presentation last Thursday, I would like to say that you all did a really good job! All the presentations from you really made that morning special and enjoyable. I think each of you has your own style and strengths which is very useful for us to learn from each other.
For me, to be honest, I really did a lot of research and also read so many books in order to prepare my presentation content and also to understand more about my topic. Although I practiced it many times, I still made some mistakes during my presentation that day. The first thing is that I spoke very fast. I know it's because I was nervous. But I should have controlled it better. Actually, I also forgot many things I intended to say.
Secondly, I was quite disappointed with me dealing with the questions at the end of my presentation that I couldn't answer the questions properly. I couldn't express my own opinion.
I think next time I will have to spend more time preparing to deal with the questions.
Anyway, thank you for all your kind encouragement after I finished my presentation :)


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