Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reflecions on my life in Manchester so far

Hello everyone,

When I was asked to do some reflections on my life here in Manchester, I was a little bit reluctant because I don't know what I should say about it. I seem not that excited about the new environment and not that homesick either. When Siyu talked about the cultural shock today, I tried to put myself into that four phases, but none of them fitted. (WEIRD)

I think indeed the food is a big problem here in Manchester. Although sometimes I complained about it, it is still a good idea to know what is the real English food. I think that I should at least know how to order the food in a local restaurant, so I just encourage myself to eat out, having those food that local people have. Food is a big part of culture. I just tell myself, after I try out different varieties of food, I'll find something I like. But one thing I am pretty sure is if I do that, my weight will go all the way up quickly.

I mentioned in the beginning that I am not quite emotional about where I am now. However, I do have some expectations to myself before I came here. I took a gap year since I graduated last June, during which, I did an internship in TV, and worked for several months in a newspaper. I always wanted to go back to school life during those working days and keep thinking that students' life is much easier and happier. During the year, because of the work, I saw a lot of problems in society, thought deeper and made clearer opinion about my own country. Sometimes, thinking about the serious problems are too heavy, so I do expect my life here in the following year could be relaxed, get the balance with study and life, and at least more relaxed than working times. I'll just do my best to enjoy the slow-tempo here.

I also have the expectations to my language. But just cutting away with my Chinese friends is not a smart choice. What I believe is that if you are willing to make friends, as time goes by, your English wouldn't be bad. So what we need to do just open our hearts and don't stay in silence, try to express even if you are not sure, because others will help you correct it.

OK, it's time to talk about the course itself. PS5 class is really a good choice for me since it not only improves my English, and also helps me to get used to the school life again, get involved in the academic environment. I just think the course is really useful in many aspects, especially on how to do academic researches, to finish the academic paper and presentations. These are the objects we should achieve at the end of the course. Except for the serious part, I do enjoy the teaching style of the two tutors--Edward and Mary, and love their classes. Like the "similies" game we had this afternoon, it was enjoyable, and I was thinking at that time, why our teacher Edward could come up with this funny idea? Of course I will never know it, but I think that's why you can be a teacher but I can't.

I hope as I spending more and more time here, I will dig much more about here, feel it more and love it here.


p.s. I think what Giorgia suggested about the bar, maybe we should try it out sometimes with the group!


  1. Hi Rong! Very nice piece of writing here!!
    Yes I think it will be good to go out all together!
    If everyone is goign to the weekend trip to Liverpool, we could go to a bar over there for a drink or two. I have been to liverpool before, so I would know where to go...;-)

    Like it?

  2. Hey Rong
    just to say that idea for similies is from an NLP book called In your hands, by an author called Jane Revell :o) - now you know.
    Liverpool is also a place I know well, I went to uni there, though haven't been back in 10 years, should mkae the effort really...